Frakcionált CO2 lézer hatása

Difference between fractional carbon dioxide laser treatment and Cool Peel fractional carbon dioxide laser treatment

The signs of aging appear on your skin as wrinkles or pigment spots after you turn 30. Your skin becomes pale, flabby and dehydrated. These changes disappear due to fractional carbon dioxide laser treatments and your skin can get younger by years.

Both treatments are carried out by applying DEKA DOT SmartXide, the newest and most modern laser device of DEKA LASER, the leading laser manufacturer in Europe.

Currently carbon dioxide laser is considered as the latest achievement concerning skin renewal among non-invasive surgeries. Wrinkles, photoaging, scars (after surgery or acne) and stretch marks after pregnancy can be treated by applying fractional carbon dioxide laser. It can be applied on your face, neck or décolletage.

Milder forms of pain can be felt during this treatment and injuries are caused in the deeper skin layers. In general, you can go back to your everyday life within 7-10 days after the surgery, however, you should avoid going to work and plan social downtime during this period. Due to this treatment, your skin can get younger by years.

Currently, it is CoolPeel fractional ablation treatment ONLY, which can guarantee a recovery without downtime causing no hyperpigmentation, scarring or infections.

Finer wrinkles and the symptoms of photoaging can be treated by CoolPeel, which reduces pore size. If you wish to improve your skin texture with no healing time, choose CoolPeel laser treatment.

It is true that a treatment penetrating the skin in depth (when DEKA DOT SmartXide carbon dioxide ablative laser is applied) has better results, which can be seen shortly after such a surgery, however, full recovery takes approximately three months. After regeneration, your skin surface becomes smooth and silky, your wrinkled are reduced and your face appears younger.

One or two treatments applying DEKA DOT SmartXide carbon dioxide ablative laser or three or four treatments applying CoolPeel are normally enough to achieve the expected result.