You can go back in time and your face appears younger due to laser skin rejuvenation.

We can say that these days, a laser therapy or treatment is one of the most advanced and efficient non-invasive (without needle or surgeries) procedures.

The signs of aging appear on your skin as wrinkles or pigment spots after you turn 30. Your skin becomes pale, flabby and dehydrated.

These changes disappear due to fractional carbon dioxide laser treatments and your skin can get younger by years.

Carbon dioxide laser is perfectly suited to skin rejuvenation on the face, neck, décolletage or hands.

In addition, it can be applied for treating scars after surgery or acne as well as stretch marks after pregnancy.

Laser skin rejuvenation applying a world-class device where no needles or cut are needed. It is a painless procedure with no complications.

The technology supporting Deka SmartXide Punto ensures you to go back to your everyday life earlier than you would do after a conventional laser skin rejuvenation treatment.

Collagen and elastic fibers are contracted by its thermal effect. During wound healing, several new fibers are formed, the skin becomes more elastic and tighter and wrinkles become finer. There is rapid regeneration from intact areas within one week, however, the complete process improves the skin condition for months.

Areas of indication:

The energy of laser beam with the right wavelength from microscopic columns penetrates the skin stimulating collagen fiber formation. The skin remains untouched among the laser columns penetrated the skin resulting in a much faster post-treatment recovery time. The intact skin areas accelerate skin regeneration.

DEKA SmartXide Punto fractional carbon dioxide laser is applied for this treatment combining the benefits of earlier carbon dioxide laser devices in a unique way including new innovations.

During the treatment, small holes are burnt by laser in the skin in appropriate depth and thickness.

DEKA SmartXide Punto laser treatment has visible results for sun-damaged spots, wrinkles or other signs of aging providing quick recovery time.