It is a laser treatment with quick skin renewal after a few sessions only with a short recovery time.

CoolPeel is a brand new method to be carried out in a safe and convenient way in order to achieve the benefits of skin renewal when a conventional carbon dioxide laser treatment is used. It targets the surface layer of skin tissues only where the skin is damaged. After this layer has been removed, younger and healthier skin will be formed during regeneration.  CoolPeel can be considered as a non-invasive laser peeling.

You can choose CoolPeel treatment if you wish to have a non-invasive surgery when you are embarrassed because of the signs of aging or skin blemishes. Currently, CoolPeel fractional ablation treatment is the ONLY way to guarantee a recovery without downtime causing no hyperpigmentation, scarring or infections.

For which areas is it recommended?


Short treatment time

Bright, fresh and smoother skin color

Smaller pore size

Improved skin texture

After tissue regeneration, fine wrinkles are expected to disappear

No anesthesia is needed

No recovery time or a very short (1-2 days) recovery time only

A very short recovery time is one of the main benefits offered by CoolPeel. The treated area will be slightly red for some days but you can go back to your everyday life.

Hydration is important after the treatment to avoid skin dehydration and scaling.

It starts the formation of new collagen fibers whereby the treatment is not only spectacular but it has also a lasting effect.