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Medical Aesthetic Body Treatment

Dietetic food, a ketogenic diet or a slimming diet – have you tried all of them and have you still not lost weight?

Would you like to reach your ideal weight and a perfect body mass index?  Our medical aesthetic body treatment is the one you really need.
It has its clinically proven effect after only one treatment.

Professional fat breakdown




You do not need to wait anymore to have a peach shaped bottom

Our medical aesthetic body treatments

Reducing localized fat deposits

Reducing cellulite (orange peel)

Skin tightening with clinically proven efficiency

Reducing fat deposits on double chin

Treatment applying Z-WAVE PRO supporting lymphatic drainage

Medical aesthetic body treatments

Medical aesthetic body treatments

A wide range of body treatments are available to people wishing to reduce fat or tighten skin, however, ONDA CoolWaves device produced by DEKA, Europe’s leading laser manufacturer stands out in the market of body treatment equipment.

The revolutionary technology of body contour improvement has arrived at MEDOLIS DERMA Medical Aesthetic and Laser Center in Debrecen!

Efficiency proven by clinical studies is within reach even after a single treatment.

DEKA ONDA Coolwaves™

DEKA appeared in the market of body treatment equipment presenting a new technology as another breakthrough: this is ONDA, a unique system including special microwaves called CoolWaves that selectively target fat cells to reduce localized fat deposits safely in an ultra-efficient and non-invasive way.

DEKA has developed a smart hand-piece designed to focus electromagnetic waves on fat cells breaking them down while preserving the skin by an integrated cooling system providing a safe and painless treatment to our patients.

Based on his experience, Dr. Paolo Bonan the leading specialist of Villa Donatello Laser Clinic states as follows:

„ DEKA ONDA system using CoolWaves reduces localized adiposities on the abdomen, hips, bottoms, backs, upper arms or on any critical part of the body in a highly effective way.

And that is not all! 😊

CoolWaves treat advanced stage cellulite (orange peel skin) and loose skin.

The device has hand-pieces with a built-in cooling system whereby this process is completely painless without any side effects.”

DEKA ONDA smart hand-pieces have been designed to heat the skin by 20 % of their energy only evenly distributed by the built-in cooling system. 80 % of their energy penetrate the fat tissues and reduces the number of fat cells in an active way.

DEKA ONDA CoolWaves devices have established a new non-invasive system whereby beauty spots caused by fat accumulation or orange peel or weak connective tissues can be corrected efficiently with an effective body contour formation.

DEKA ONDA Coolwaves machine


Treatment of fat deposits:  CoolWaves penetrate the skin in depth and break down the fat cells localized under the skin. Cell lysates are then removed by a physiological metabolic process (macrophage lipolysis). The big hand-piece has a built-in cooling system so fat cells can be broken down with maximum safety on the skin ensuring the patient’s comfort.

Cellulite treatment: The smaller hand-piece effectively targets connective tissue septa among the adipose tissue lobes to eliminate orange peel effect.

Skin tightening: The special microwaves of ONDA system stimulate the immediate contraction of collagen fibers in dermis and the production of new collagen fibers. Thus, weak connective tissues improve considerably. Also, tissues become more toned and compact.

– painless

– 15-30 minute treatment period each

– 3-4 treatments are recommended, however, you can feel the effect within 15 days after the first treatment

– no recovery time

– a real ’lunchtime’ beauty treatment

The device Z-WAVE PRO by ZIMMER, Germany, which supports lymphatic drainage, reduces and eliminates orange peel or the symptoms of cellulite, enhances the efficiency of DEKA ONDA.

The treatment by DEKA ONDA CoolWaves is followed by ZIMMER Z-WAVE Pro to achieve an enhanced effect on the skin.