Treatment to stimulate HAIR GROWTH

This treatment is a complex hair and scalp treatment aiming at preventing or reducing hair loss and stimulating hair growth. An innovative technology is applied against basis hair problems.

This treatment is available to both women and men.

The clinical agents injected during this treatment promote angiogenesis that is the formation of a new capillary system from blood vessels already existing, the formation of a completely new vascular system and vasodilítion that is widening of the blood vessels. As a result, the circulation of the scalp improves and more agents get to the hair follicles.

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Treatment to stimulate HAIR GROWTH description

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60 minutes including the duration of action of anesthetics depending on the size of the treated area.

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Three or four treatments are recommended depending on the condition of the scalp. It is recommended to repeat this treatment every second month to maintain the effect until the desired result is reached.

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There is no healing time as this treatment does not change the patient’s daily routine. Hair wash is not recommended for two days after treatment.

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It is recommended not to use serums or conditioning lotions to stimulate hair growth at home for one week after treatment.

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This treatment is carried out under local anesthesia.Please, tell us if you are sensitive to lidocaine!

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Skin redness, edeme or swelling may occur after treatment which may usually last for one or two days.

Treatment to stimulate HAIR GROWTH prices

Treatment to stimulate HAIR GROWTH
Prices (HUF)
30,000 HUF / session

Frequently asked questions

The area to be treated is disinfected then an anesthetis spray is used.

After the anesthetic spray starts to work, we begin the treatment with micrdoneedling stamp.

After treatment, there are skin redness, edema and swelling which may usually last one or two days.

After that small sloughs may appear.

As a result of healing process, peeling or itching appears.

– pregnancy

– breast feeding

– high temperature or inflammation

– acute herpes infection

– autoimmune disease

– chronic disease or cancer